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Business Analysis

- Operations Optimization

- Business Planning

- Business Valuations / Mergers / Acquisitions


We collaborate closely, undertaking a comprehensive financial analysis employing methods calibrated to your distinct business imperatives

Operations Optimization

  • Comprehensive understanding of the enterprise's core requirements to enhance profitability.

  • Conducting Value Added Analysis to identify areas for improvement.

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses to capitalize on advantages and address limitations.

  • Identification of pressing concerns and presentation of corrective measures.

  • Documentation of the imperative nature of implementing prompt modifications to optimize operations.

Business Planning

  • Development of a comprehensive business plan serving as a reference point for Shareholders, Management, Investors,
    Banks, and Experts.

  • Assessment of funding requirements from Banking Institutions.

  • Restructuring of bank loans to address temporary financial challenges.

  • Expansion into new markets and financing of investments.

  • Preparation of business plans to facilitate financial recovery.

  • Attracting investors for financing acquisitions or equity participation with predetermined exit timelines.

Business valuations / Mergers / Acquisitions

  • Approach based on market knowledge, analytical expertise, and critical thinking.

  • Utilization of recognized valuation methods to determine the commercial value of a business or asset, considering factors beyond accounting and tax considerations.

  • Evaluation of financial and operational risks involved in mergers, acquisitions, or business valuations.

  • Analysis of financial metrics, including debt obligations.

  • Anticipation of income accounts and expected cash flows.

  • Comparative analysis of results and competition.

  • Application of alternative valuation methods to ensure more secure conclusions.

  • Understanding the tax regime related to mergers, spin-offs, asset contributions, and securities exchange between different companies within the EU.

Investment Chart

Business Valuation

To accurately assess a company's intrinsic value, we follow a harmonized evaluation of historical financial indicators alongside future growth prospects

Information Processing


Budget Variations

Comprehending the root causes of variances is pivotal to executing the requisite corrective actions


Specialized Analyses

Business analysis necessitates a profound understanding of the company's operations in relation to its active market

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