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Accounting services

- Accounting Services

- Tax Services

- Tax Planning

- Financial Statement Auditing


We offer a wide range of accounting services, tailored to meet the needs of large and medium-sized corporations

Accounting services

  • Monthly supervision of all Accounting operations, including basic audit procedures

  • Preparation of year-end financial statements in compliance with Greek Accounting Standards (ΕΛΠ) or IFRS, and submission of annual corporate income tax return and other tax returns

  • Preparation and submission of all year-end financial reports

  • Handling periodic VAT returns, statistical information (Intrastat, listing), withholding taxes, and total obligations of the

  • Formation of domestic companies and assessment of suitable legal structures

  • Efficient management of business payroll and expert guidance on labor law matters

Tax Services

  • Specialization in taxation matters for both Legal Entities and Individuals

  • Professional tax management for all corporate transactions, ensuring accurate determination of tax implications

  • Thorough Tax Compliance Review, ensuring adherence to current regulations

  • Provision of expert opinions on complex tax matters

  • Utilization of tax provisions offered by development laws to maximize benefits

  • Preparation and submission of VAT refund applications

  • Comprehensive support during tax audits, handling negotiations with tax authorities and seeking administrative resolution for any potential disputes through representation at the Tax Dispute Resolution Body (DEDD)

Tax Planning

  • Advisory services on leveraging tax advantages through the establishment of subsidiary companies in foreign jurisdictions

  • Analysis of the benefits and implications of establishing a Holding company within or outside Greece

  • Examination of tax implications arising from intercompany charges within the same group

  • Documentation and evaluation of transfer pricing for cross-border and domestic related-party transactions

  • Expert advice on the taxation of investment products

Financial Statement Auditing

  • Adherence to pre-defined internal procedures, following fundamental control principles adopted by the Management

  • Compliance review and maintenance of accounting books in accordance with Greek Accounting Standards (ΕΛΠ) and IFRS

  • Audit of financial statements during acquisitions, mergers, or participation in the share capital of other companies

  • Investigation of deviations from Law 4548/2018 and ΕΛΠ provisions, providing support in dealing with authorities

  • Preparation of comprehensive management control reports covering various functions, including credit control, cooperation
    terms with banks, and reliability of internal financial reporting

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International accounting standards

Our expertise in supporting listed companies in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) attests to our specialized knowledge in accounting and tax legislation. We possess the infrastructure and experience to assist our clients in preparing financial statements in accordance with IFRS.

Impeccable primary data



Systematic keeping of physical and digital files for maximum accessibility

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Accurate representation of business operations through meticulous recording of transactions

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