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Financial Reporting

- Monthly Management Reporting

- Annual Budgeting

- Monthly auditing



Our proficiency centers on optimizing information workflows to guarantee precise and timely data delivery to the Administration

Monthly Management Reporting

  • Preparation of Monthly Management Report serving as a reference point for Shareholders, Management, Investors, Banks and Experts

  • Financial Results analysis for the overall operations of the company

  • Analysis of expenses by cost center

  • Evaluation of item profitability

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all functions

  • Cash Flow analysis and assessment of cash flow

  • Profitability analysis of various activities such as distribution channels, exports, and product categories

  • Analysis of bank loan costs and assessment of financing limits

Annual Budgeting

  • Professional tax management of every corporate transaction, ensuring accurate determination of tax implications

  • Thorough Tax Compliance Review in accordance with applicable regulations

  • Provision of expert opinions on complex tax matters

  • Utilization of tax provisions provided by development laws to maximize benefits

  • Preparation and submission of VAT refund applications

  • Comprehensive support during tax audits, including negotiation with tax authorities, until their completion and achieving
    administrative resolution for any potential disputes through representation at the Tax Dispute Resolution Body (DEDD)

Monthly auditing

  • Preparation of specialized reports covering all functions of the business

  • Identification and systematic monitoring of specialized performance measurement indicators

  • Sales Reporting: Comprehensive overview of the sales activities of the company, including analysis of sales volume changes
    based on various classification criteria, monitoring of cost of goods sold, and evaluation of sales team performance

  • Credit Control: Monitoring of credit policies to ensure timely collection of receivables and minimize bad debts

  • Production Reporting: Creation of detailed production reports to optimize productivity

  • Training of business personnel in the effective adoption of control mechanisms.

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Monthly Results

We adhere to contemporary financial management principles, which entail diligent monthly monitoring of key financial metrics. The adoption of these practices stems from our extensive professional experience as executives in multinational corporations and publicly listed companies.

Secondary data creation

Financial Report


Evaluation of fiscal data through variance analysis against the budget, revised forecasts, and prior year's comparative figures

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Tailoring of management reports to align with specific informational needs

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