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Strategic Consulting

With over two decades of presence in the Greek market, FMC S.A. introduces a comprehensive suite of advisory services.

We operate multifacetedly as a strategic partner, addressing matters of accounting, financial reporting, business analysis, and strategic consultancy.


By leveraging, among others, the information derived from the accurate recording of accounting events, their consistent

processing, and their thorough analysis in conjunction with market data, Tesseract services contribute to shaping the long-term business strategy.

They establish a specific framework of actions with short-term and medium-term horizons.


Strategic Consulting Services

  • Defining the business vision

  • Formulating strategic direction

  • Identifying growth opportunities

  • Designing a two-horizon plan (Strategic - Tactical)

  • Crafting an appropriate mix of skills and actions

  • Setting success indicators

  • Supporting implementation

Field - Company & Business ecosystem

  • Environment, trends & prospects - Context

  • Market mapping - Customers

  • Comparative capability analysis - Company 

  • Market segmentation x competitors - Competition

  • Potential strategic partner identification  - Collaborators

Method - Resource allocation

  • Product / Service portfolio - Product

  • Distribution channels - Place

  • Pricing strategy - Price

  • Promo Mix - Promotion

  • HR planning - People

Course - Strategic planning into action

  • Strategic planning into tactical

  • Corporate functions alignment

  • KPI monitoring

  • Review & corrective actions

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Utilizing our expertise in developing strategic growth strategies for global corporations, we actively participate in shaping your future business endeavors

Decision making

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Identify market opportunities and evaluate the requisite corporate competencies and resources

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Craft and oversee the execution blueprint for the strategic growth initiative

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