Our Story


In brief

Established in 1999, FMC S.A. is one of the leading independent accounting firms in Greece.

Employing a team of 10 people under one roof, FMC S.A. is offering full-spectrum business support solutions in accounting, corporate taxation, payroll processing, management reporting and IT.


And all those, under one roof, operating as your reliable one-stop business partner for all your accounting and administrative issues.

Our work


Specialized in rendering management accounting services and staffed by an eclectic mix of highly experienced specialists, FMC is the financial consultant of choice for more than fifty, national and international, clients.

Leveraging on the strong involvement of its executives, its well balanced activity portfolio, its ability for innovation and its determination in anticipating its customers’ needs, FMC has been providing solutions for bottom-line results that lead to long-standing partnerships. This can be explained by its sound financial capacity and high level of profitability, as reported in the company’s financial statements.

About us

In 2010 & 2011, Financial Management Consultants S.A. was assessed by ICAP and awarded with the
ICAP Strongest Companies in Greece Certificate.

The community of “Strongest Companies” includes enterprises that have reached a high ICAP Credit Rating Classification, only achieved by one in ten companies in Greece.

ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source.

FMC offers an extensive range of Accounting Outsourcing Services, customized to  meet the requirements of both big and medium-sized companies. In offering such services, we rely on our skills, experience and profound knowledge of statutory accounting regulations, Greek tax legislation and IFRS. In accordance, our payroll services are meticulously designed to provide compliance with accounting, labor law and tax requirements, while our assistance on corporate taxation aims at benefit generation through potential tax risk minimization.